Caesar is a salad popular around the world and is the most famous dish in North American cuisine.
Caesar salad has now become so popular that it is necessarily present in the menu of most cafes and restaurants. Not only in the USA and Russia, but also in many countries of the world. The advantage of Caesar salad is lightness, piquancy, exquisite taste and low calorie content.

Caesar salad

In the classic version, the main ingredients of the salad are wheat croutons, romaine lettuce leaves. And grated parmesan, seasoned with a special sauce, which is the essence of the recipe.
The basis of the Caesar dressing is fresh eggs, kept in boiling water for 1 minute and chilled. The eggs beaten with olive oil and seasoned with garlic, lemon juice and Worcester sauce.
In the classic form, the salad is quite light, so more high-calorie ingredients often added to it, for example, a hardy egg or fried chicken.

The salad named not by the name of Gaius Julius Caesar. But by the name of the person most often called the inventor of this dish – the American cook of Italian origin Caesar Cardini. Who owned several restaurants in the city of Tijuana in the 1920s and 1940s. located in Mexico.
According to legend, the salad invented by Cardini on July 4, 1924 (US Independence Day). When there was almost nothing left in the kitchen, and the visitors clamored for food. According to the testimony of Caesar’s daughter Cardini, her father, contrary to the popular version of the recipe, never added anchovies to the salad.

The legend that anchovies were allegedly present in the salad came from Caesar’s brother, Alex Cardini. Who added anchovies and named the dish “Aviator’s Salad” (Alex served as a military pilot). In 1953, Caesar salad recognized by the Epicurean Society in Paris as “the best recipe to appear in America in the last 50 years.”

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