The budgerigar is the most a common and popular type of domestic parrot. It is small in size. And as a result, requires a not very large cage, taking up little space in the room. Another advantage of such a pet is insignificant costs for its purchase and maintenance.
Another reason for its popularity is its bright coloration and the ability to copy human speech.
With proper care, the use of high-quality, complete feed, the ability to stretch the wings, such a pet will delight you for many years. At home, he will live 10 – 15 years. Although in nature these birds rarely reach 5 years of age due to the trapping them

Now there are more than 150 varieties of domestic wavy parrots, which, depending on the color of the plumage or the presence of a different form of a crest on the head, are subdivided into groups and subgroups. The first changes in the color of wavy parrots occurred spontaneously as a result of mutation and, with the subsequent development of selection and breeding activities, reached a great variety.
The natural color of the wild Australian budgerigar is grass-green. And the color of the paws is bluish-green (pinkish in domestic budgerigars).

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