This is the time when rains come to replace the bright sun, the sky increasingly covered with gray clouds, the leaves turn yellow and crumble from the trees. So, nature is gradually preparing for the approaching cold weather. In the park, fallen leaves rustle underfoot, and the air saturated with dampness. Sunlight barely breaks through the gloomy rain clouds, and everything around seems gloomy and dull. Even the bright colors, which autumn is so rich in, become muted and dull. The city seems to be covered with a gray veil. Many people on such days have a slight sadness for the past summer, everything seems monotonous. So, the rainy season begins. It gets dark early, a piercing cold wind often blows, most of the time there is inclement weather.

Autumn gives many cloudy days, but they have their own charm and harmony. Everything seems to freeze, and there is time to think about something important. In such weather, you can leisurely wander through the empty alleys of the park, admire the autumn flowers, enjoy the silence and tranquility. After the summer heat, it is pleasant to plunge into the autumn coolness. If a light rain falls, everything around fills with freshness, and drops collect and glisten on the branches. Breathes freely and easily! The soil saturated with moisture. Sometimes the sun’s rays penetrate through dark clouds, and then the sky seems to be burning from within, illuminated by this magical light.

The wind picks off yellow, burgundy and brown leaves from trees and throws them right at the feet of passers-by. They have many shades and each is beautiful in its own way. Some trees are still dressed in colorful outfits, bright red berries are burning on the bushes, late autumn flowers are blooming. They stand out against the gloomy gray landscape. Cloudy weather only emphasizes their amazing discreet beauty. Somewhere else, lush green grass preserved, which refreshes the colors of a rainy day.

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