Bougainvillea is a very unusual flower, from its name to its appearance. In Germany, many people even call it a “miracle flower”. The homeland of bougainvillea is the Brazilian tropics. Which is why she loves warmth, bright sun and high humidity so much.
The unusual shape of flowers and their large number, lush brightly colored clusters attract all the attention. It happens that foliage is completely invisible behind them. Due to its shape (triangular petals connected to one center, as if forming a star) bougainvillea also sometimes called “triple flower”. Bougainvillea belongs to the Niktaginaceae family. Bougainvillea can often be seen in resorts in hot countries. Bright flowers perfectly decorate the territory of hotels and residential buildings, beautifully branching and wrapping around fences and walls.

Home care

In the summer, bougainvillea needs bright light and sufficient ventilation. It is best if it will grow in a summer garden, and not on a regular windowsill. If the temperature is optimal and there is no rain or cold in summer, then bougainvillea blooms brightly and profusely, delighting its owners and arousing the envy of neighbors. In winter, the flower usually removed to a cool place, one where the temperature stably does not exceed 14 degrees. This is necessary for the plant to accumulate strength during the dormant period, starting to bloom with renewed vigor in the next season.

As for watering, it also differs depending on the season. In summer, you should not spare water for a flower, and in winter you need to moderate watering a little, but, of course, do not wait until the soil is completely dry. Bougainvillea loves high humidity and spraying, does not like changing places very much. Between March and October, it is best to fertilize the plant. With improper care of bougainvillea, the following difficulties may arise: yellowing of the leaves due to too abundant watering, the appearance of pests (aphids, mealy worm, scale insects).

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