Moscow City

The Moscow business center “Moscow City” is an ultramodern architectural complex of glass and concrete skyscrapers from 27 to 96 floors. So, this is the “city of the future” in the middle of the capital, located on the Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, in the bend of the Moskva River, 4 km from the Kremlin. The architecture of the buildings combines modern, high-tech and neo-constructivism. Muscovites come here for work, shopping and entertainment, and guests come to exhibitions, sightseeing tours and shopping.
From the dizzying heights of the observation platforms, views of the center and other high-rises of the city open up. So, there are many tourists, romantic couples and families with children.

Construction history

So, the idea of ​​creating an international business center in Moscow appeared in the early 90s. 20th century. The project proposed to the mayor of the city, Luzhkov, by the architect B.I.Tkhor. He was inspired by the business districts of Wall Street in New York and Canary Wharf in London. They decided to build on the site of the former quarries, near the Expocentre and the World Trade Center. So, the work began in 1998 and continues to this day, a significant part of the objects are already in operation. This is the bridge over the Moskva River “Bagration”, a shopping center and most of the towers.

The Moscow City complex is the largest business center. Offices of leading Russian and international companies are located here, and an exhibition center is located on the adjacent territory. So, each of the 16 towers bears its own name, and two of them symbolize the historical capitals of Russia – Moscow and St. Petersburg.
There are also shopping and entertainment areas. The huge Afimall City shopping center with many shops of Russian and global brands, restaurants, spas, galleries. So, in the underground part there is a huge parking lot for 2,700 cars and an exit from the Vystavochnaya metro station.

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