Rainbow is meteorological phenomena. They are also an optical illusion. In fact, rainbows do not exist in any place. Their appearance depends entirely on the position and direction of the light source (usually the sun), clouds and where you stand in relation to them.

The rainbows are actually a full circle, but only half of the rainbow is visible from the ground. On an airplane, under the right conditions, you can sometimes see the whole round rainbow.

For a rainbow to form, certain weather conditions are required. In particular, a source of light and water droplets in the air. This is why they usually appear after rain. If you’ve ever run around with sprinklers or watered your garden, you may have seen a rainbow forming in water droplets.

The sun or other light source must be behind you, and the sky must be clear of clouds so that you can see the rainbow.

The size of a rainbow determined by the refractive index of water droplets, which is a measure of how much light waves slow down when hitting water droplets. A drop of water with a higher refractive index will result in a rainbow with a smaller radius. For example, salt water has a higher index than fresh water, so a rainbow from sea spray is smaller than a rainbow from fresh water.

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