White mushroom

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Did you know? Mushrooms are around of 90% water.

White mushroom – in cooking, the cap and leg of the edible mushroom of the same name. Fresh, their pulp has a mild, mild flavor and aroma, which become intense during culinary processing, especially during cooking and drying.

Calorie content – 100 grams of porcini mushrooms contains about 22 kkal.

Compound – The chemical composition of porcini mushroomswe characterize by a high content of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fiber, vitamins (B3, B9, C, E). Macro- (potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus) and microelements (iron, cobalt, fluorine).

How to cook and serve – White mushroom people use in cooking fresh, frozen, dried and pickled. The very widespread use of these mushrooms. In cooking is due not only to their high nutritional value. But also to a number of very important gastronomic qualities. In addition to their excellent taste and aroma, we distinguish porcini mushrooms by their ability to transfer them to other food products, as well as ease of use. They do not need pretreatment, and heat exposure does not lead to darkening of their pulp.

Fresh, dried and frozen porcini mushrooms are most often used to prepare the first and second boiled, fried and stewed dishes from vegetables. Meat and poultry, both separately and together with other food products. In addition, these mushrooms in the form of a dry powder in cooking are  as a seasoning, giving the dish a characteristic mushroom flavor and aroma.

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