Without leaves there would be no trees, and without trees there would be no oxygen, which means there would be no life on Earth in its usual form. Some trees get rid of their leaves in the cold or, conversely, dry and hot seasons, in order to reduce the cost of nutrients for their maintenance, while others keep them all year round.

The widest leaves in the world are those of the giant water lily growing on the Amazon River. They can be up to two meters in diameter.

In Chile, a unique plant grows, which is notable for the fact that it mimics other plants, along which the shoots of the glass crawl up to the sunlight. Leaves of different colors and shapes can grow on one shoot of the glass.

In some plants, young ones may be reddish in color because they are still low in chlorophyll. As they grow, they turn green as they begin to produce more chlorophyll.

There is such an amazing long-lived plant in the world as velvety. It can live up to a hundred years, while it has only two leaves, with which the velvety is inextricably linked. If the leaves are damaged, the plant will inevitably die.

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