The buzzing of bee brings life to our gardens, their venom is used in medicine against inflammation their honey is sweet and tasty, tammation, beeswax candles give light on dark evenings, and propolis is good for strengthening the immune system.

These tiny animals are invaluable to us humans. They work with such zeal that a famous saying has made about their work, and they are the most important useful animals in the whole world. Their main task is to pollinate plants. Without this free bee service, we would have to give up about one third of our products.

The honey bee is an essential link in our ecosystem. More than 80% of native flowering plants depend on pollination. Without cross-pollination, many plants will not be able to produce seeds and fruits. Our overall landscape, our diet and the continued existence of many plant and animal species would  threaten. Buzzing Bee and its use is unconditional.

Organic grasses are absent from grain fields in traditional agriculture, today the grass is only green or yellow. The meadows were converted into intensively used pastures. Therefore, bees are often hungry and without additional feeding the beekeepers could not survive in some regions.Using sprayers such as insecticides and herbicides is also dangerous for bees. The harmful substances absorbed by the bees poison them or disturb their sense of orientation, as a result they cannot find their way back to their hives and die. Globalization gives rise to the development of other threats such as diseases, parasites and viruses. Our bees do not recognize them and they have no defense mechanism. A famous example is the Varroa mite from Asia. Without protective measures taken by beekeepers, the entire population of bees could be destroyed.

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