A resting dog

When you don’t have any jobs to do.

Even a person’s best friends can have dreams or even nightmares while they sleep. All dog owners watched their dogs exactly asleep, and probably heard them squealing or jiggling their paws in a funny way. So what do dogs dream about?

What do dogs dream about?

It is impossible to know exactly what dogs dream about, but some scientific studies have argued that there is a similarity. Similarity between the way the brain of a quadruped and the brain of a person works during sleep. Based on this, we can assume that the content of dog dreams are similar to the content of humans and is associating with real life experiences. For example, we dream about what we know, what we think is important, or what scares us.

A recent Harvard University study found that a dog’s favorite dream topic is its owner. Dr. Deirdre Barrett said in an interview with People magazine: “Since dogs in general are extremely attaching to their owners. It is safe to assume that they dream of the owner’s face, hear their smell, try to remember it, and in some cases, the dream turns into a nightmare if the relationship with the owner is not entirely pleasant. ”

Dream or nightmare?

During REM sleep, dogs sleep deeply, and it is during this period that the experiences experienced on that day or somewhere in the past are recorded in the brain. If your dog has experienced something negative, he is likely to dream about it. She may look frightened, shake her whole body or limbs, or even cry while continuing to sleep. It can also be assumed that when our furry friends move their paws in their sleep, they dream of running, playing or hunting; if their jaw moves, they probably have wonderful dreams of eating something or enjoying their favorite treat.

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