A bee and a flower

A symbolic relationship: а bee and a flower.

The bees accumulate a positive charge, while the flowers have a negative charge. The interaction between the fields is detected by antennae or sensitive hairs on the body. The electrical field helps bees to recognize pollen-rich blooms and perhaps even to transfer the pollen.

Scientists from the University of Bristol have studied in detail the process of finding a honey flower by a bee. Before research began, they already knew that, for example, bumblebees reacted to electrical signals emanating from flowers, but this process was not fully understood.

In the course of research, it turned out that bees, like some insects, have tiny hairs that begin to vibrate in response to the electric field of the flower. The fact is that flowers attract the attention of bees not only with their bright color and aroma, but also with static electricity, which affects the nervous system of the bees. At the same time, it has negative use for flowers, and positively in bees. Further between them, a charge arises, which passes through the hairs of the bee. A bee and a flower.

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